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December 14, 2016 — The Kandinsky Prize international Jury announced the winners’ names. The winner of the award in the main category is Andrey Kuzkin.

Open Gallery is taking part in MANIFESTA 10 parallel program.
The exhibition "What we hear, when we look?" was opened on June 26 in the building of First Military School. (Univercity embankment, 15, Saint-Petersburg).
Kurator: Natasha Tamruchi.
Artists: Alexandra Dementieva, Dmitry Gutov, Olga Kroyter, Andrey KuzkinMishMash, Vladimir Smolyar, Vladimir Tarasov, Vadim Zakharov. 

On September 19 – 21 Open Gallery was participating in COSMOSCOW International Contemporary Art Fair in Moscow Manege.

MishMash group was participating in the Allegories of Forgetting / A Nouveau festival in the Centre Pompidou, Paris. February, 19 – March, 10 2014. 

Open Gallery together with Nina Due Gallery (Milan) took part in Bologna Contemporary Art Fair – ArteFiera Bologna 2014.

On Desember 13 – 15 2013 Open Gallry was participating in Contemporary Art Galleries Weekend – Art Space Event in Gogol-Center (Moscow, kazakova str., 8). The gallery displayed Andrey Kuzkin's and Alexey Mandych's objects.

September 17 – 22 Open Gallery was participating in ART Moscow 2013 international art fair, which took place in Сentral House of Artists, Moscow.

Alexander Brodsky's installation "Untitled" was a part of V Moscow biennale of contemporary art main project exhibition. The work, which was on display at the Moscow Manege, is an enlarged author's reproduction of an installation which was a part of "Memories and Dreams" exhibition in Open Gallery.


Vladislav Krasnoschek's set of photos "Hospital" has taken the II prize in the Art-series category in "Photografer of the Year 2012" in Ukraine.

November, 29 – December, 9 2012 a walk-through virtual installation of 9 projects by young russian artists V_Museum Platform Moscow was shown in Haus der Berliner Festspiele.
There were exhibited MishMash’s projects Geopsychoisometrical Examination of a City: Moscow and Examination of Yekaterinburg City.

November, 20 an exhibition “The Shadow of Time” was opened in the State Museum “Tsaritsino”. Alexander Brodsky, Ivan Lounguine, MishMash, Igor Makarevich and Elena Elagina took part in the exposition.

July, 25 “The Russian Art Show. Highlights from the Innovation Prize” was opened at the “Calvert 22” Gallery in London. There was presented a range of work by both nominated and winning artists of the “Innovation Prize” from the last seven years, including Viktor Alimpiev, Sergey Bratkov, Alexander Brodsky, Andrey Kuzkin, Haim Sokol, artistic group Where Dogs Run etc. The exhibition is on show till September, 16.

Andrey Kuzkin took part in “Rendez-vous 12” at Iziko — South African National Gallery, Cape Town (11 July — 14 October, 2012).
Rendez-vous is an international platform for young artists who participate in the Lyon Biennial. It will showcase the works of an international group of 20 young artists in South Africa.

June, 15 at Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona the exhibition “In An Absolute Disorder. Russian contemporary art. Kandinsky Prize 2007 — 2012” was opened. Exhibition of the Kandinsky Prize, the largest independent award in Russian contemporary art, presents the works of the best and the most relevant Russian artists — nominees of the five years of competition, such as Alexander Brodsky, Dmitri Gutov, Vadim Zakharov, Alexei Kallima, Irina Korina, Oleg Kulik, Vladislav Mamyshev-Monroe, MishMash, Boris Orlov, Dmitri Prigov, Blue Noses, Sergei Shekhovtsov, Sergei Shutov, Anya Zholud among others. The exhibition will be on view till the end of September 2012.

The VII All-Russian Contemporary Visual Art Prize INNOVATION was handed in the Center of Design ArtPlay on April 3. The winner in the principal category “Work of visual art” was Alexander Brodsky’s installation “Cisterna”.
Elena Elagina and Igor Makarevich were awarded for “the Creative Contribution to the Development of the Contemporary Art”.

March, 29 the exhibition of VII visual art prize INNOVATION 2011 nominees was opened in NCCA. For the “Work of visual art” category there are:
1. Andrey Kuzkin. “All Ahead of You!
2. Alexander Brodsky. “Cisterna”
3. MishMash. “Geopsychoisometrical Examination of a City: Ekaterinburg”
4. Where do dogs run. “Knitting and crocheting of the Mandelbrot Set”
5. Vitas Stasiunas. “Order

MishMash personal exhibition SEE YOU took place in MMAM (Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow) 24/12/2011 — 25/01/2012. There were shown their works “Be Softer!” (2008) and “Stone Garden” (2010).

December 15, 2011 — The Kandinsky Prize international Jury announced the winners’ names. The winners were chosen from the nine finalists, whose works were on show among the 40 nominees during the exhibition in the Central House of Artists, in September-October.
The winner of the award in the main category is Yuri Albert. His work “Moscow Poll” — called the international jury of the “Project of the Year”.

Andrey Kuzkin’s performance “Circle Wise” (2008) was shown in 3d Festival International d’Art Contemporain d’Alger (December 3, 2011 – February 3, 2012).
The FIAC is held in Algiers’ modern and contemporary art museum (MaMa).

The prize “Companion-in-arms 2011” was handed on September 17, Friday. The winners are Andrey Kuzkin (11 votes), Andrei Monastyrsky (8 votes) and Anastasia Ryabova (7 votes).

September, the 6th 2011 at Krasnoyarsk IX Museum Biennale “In the Depth” was announced, that Andrey Kuzkin had won Grand Prix for the installation “People” (Museum “Krasnoyarsk Prison Lock” SIZO-1), Elena Elagina and Igor Makarevich were honoured with Special Jury Award there.

Andrey Monastyrsky’s work “Corbusier” was shown at the “History Lesson” exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo, Mezzanine, in Paris, from 12th to 27th of June.


Andrei Monastyrski represented Russia at the 54th Venice Biennale (from 4th June to 27th November 2011). He introduced the project “Empty Zones”, he worked on it in collaboration with the “Collective Action” group.

From 14 October 2010 — to 31 January 2011 Yuri Albert, Alexander Brodsky, Igor Makarevich, Andrei Monastyrski, Avdei Ter-Oganian took part in “Counterpoint, Contemporary Russian Art” exhibition in Louvre (Paris, France).

Video-action of Andrey Kuzkin, made for the “Temptation” exhibition at the Open Gallery, was shown at the 6th Berlin Biennale of contemporary art in June-August 2010. Kuzkin also performed his project “Whatever is out there”.

Installation of Alexander Brodsky, made for “The City” exhibition at the Open Gallery, has gone to the PERMM museum of Contemporary Art, where Brodsky’s Personal exhibition has opened in April.

In March 2010 the interior of the Open Gallery was chosen for the 1st prize in the “Public Interior” nomination at the International Architecture and Design Festival, which has taken place in Moscow.