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Konstantin Adjer


Konstantin Adjer was born in 1970 in Moscow. In 1989 he graduated from the Gnesin School of Music and after that had been studying for five years at the Moscow Institute of Culture, department of conducting and wind instruments. Konstantin gained his artistic education at the Correspondence University of the Arts, where he was a student of the department of easel painting and graphic arts (1989 – 1992). The serious attitude towards music and sound becomes fundamental for majority of his projects. From 1996 till 2003 Konstantin was a member of a band from Tsarskoye Selo – “Emergency Exit”. In 1998 he acted as an initiator of cotemporary improvised music project “E69”. Since 2007 he is a member of a band Escape.
Adjer mostly works in the medium of video installation and performance, often with the use of modern technologies. In his works he actively employs music and various instruments, which make the structure of the work more sophisticated.

“Unnecessary Photos”
: collection of photographs from negatives, which would never be developed unless they were accidentally found by the artist. Konstantin Adjer found the first negatives in the ground among the ruins of a recently demolished building on Sretenka Street.

Performance “Consonance”, Art-Moscow, Manezh Central Exhibition Hall. Experiment with conjunction of classical violin musical piece and rigorous improvised sound. Parallel music...

“Minimum opportunities”
: this performance was a part of Russian-Swiss project “Properties of Cold” in Tsarskoye Selo, St Petersburg. In the Zapasnoy Palace the artist nailed the pieces of masking tape to the walls along the perimeter of the largest hall. Adjer would walk playing the clarinet. While he was walking, he used to stop and stick pieces of tape from the wall onto the clarinet, gradually narrowing the diapason and depriving himself of the opportunity to play certain music notes. Every step drew the silence nearer and nearer: finally, the clarinet became totally stuck over and the musician – voiceless. Later the result was exhibited at the Gallery 21.

“My Shade Remained in Moscow” – performance and video for the “III International Art and Performance Festival”, Manezh, Saint Petersburg. The artist filmed his shade in Moscow, then transporting “the shade” to Saint Petersburg where it took its deserved place – next to his owner, while still remaining to be the Moscow shade...

Performance and installation “Waltz for Polaroid” (with the participation of Marina Bebik), Escape Gallery, Moscow. Konstantin Adjer and Marina Bebik walk in a circle against a back-ground of white walls and make photos of each other using Polaroid camera. The photographs are being nailed to the walls along the perimeter of the space: an endless row of captured moments was created. The artists investigated the impossibility of direct communication and love in the world we live in, which is penetrated by modern technologies.

“The Last Temptation”
, Escape Gallery, Moscow. Installation: fragments of advertisement photos are encrusted into the plaster of one of the walls as if they were made of the same substance. Adjer employs the means of monumental painting, which are familiar to us primarily through religious art – thus, the artist destroys the border between the sacred and the profane and creates its own space of temptation. This resembles the fragmentarily preserved ancient frescoes, which provokes in the viewer the reflex of the founding oneself in the visual format, which can be described as “anticipation of a masterpiece”.

“Wall Music” Four musicians (“E69”) are gathered in a rather small space of Escape Gallery. Instruments: a synthesizer, an electro-guitar, a MIDI saxophone and the legendary Theremin – the instrument which is played without touching it with hands. There is no music in its traditional sense, although one can hear the twanging of strings and clacking of keys with fingertips – they play silence. Nevertheless, the music does emerge in small speakers, which are placed in a hollow wall and the audience can only hear it when putting their ears next to it. The question posed by the “Wall Music” is how can one combine extreme creative tension with the refusal to produce an art product... and why do we often think that we known for sure what the artistic product must be? This is a project of an artist-musician, who is doomed to making a statement amid the environment of total musical/visual noise.

“Topographical Player
”. Performance/video-documentation; part of the festival “Occupation” in Riga. Konstantin Adjer describes the project: “1. A walk around an unknown for me district in Riga was filmed in advance by my co-performer. 2. I attempt to repeat this itinerary, watching the film through the object-finder on the video-camera. 3. My itinerary is also documented on the video”.

“Weather Forecast”
. Video. In the soviet TV weather forecast the traditional background was replaced with shots from the childhood memories of the artist – “the residential topography of childhood”.

“Memory of Rain”
(Video: K. Adjer. Sound: Koji Asano). This is a video about properties of memory, about reminiscences which with the stream of time are washed out as if by the rain... Video was chosen for the International Videoart Biennale “VIDEOAKT”, Barcelona.

“The Limit of Me”

A Close Look Changes the Object”, Open Gallery