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Ivan Dubjaga


Ivan Dubyaga is still not well-known in Moscow. However, he is well-known in Krasnodar. He started to exhibit there at the end of 2000-s, taking part in different events patronised by Krasnodar Contemporary Art Institute (KISI). Nevertheless, the artist’s creative productivity demanded for the expansion of the platform.

Dubyaga is a representative of a rare in our country art brut. He is not coming from a particular school, which allows the artist to behave very independently: he does not have to resemble anyone. According to what Dubyaga says, painting is for him a chance to create a space free from reality, despite it still trying to leak out from all sides. Indeed, it seems that he is drawing some other universe, inhabited with awkward creatures that sometimes hardly resemble human beings. Nevertheless, our reality, which he tries to run away from, shines through. It is mundane, melancholic, unsettled and overwhelmingly unfriendly to his characters.

The artist himself does not make an impression of an utterly melancholic person. He seems to be saving himself from the reverses of life not only by means of painting but also thanks to the invincible self-irony.