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Vladislav Krasnoschek


Born in 1980, Vladislav Krasnoschek is a native of Kharkov, a city with a strong tradition for photography (the famous fotographers Boris Mikhailov and Sergei Bratkov also come from Kharkov). Photography was not Krasnoschek’s first career, nor is it his only one. He is a practicing surgeon by day, doing jaw and facial surgeries
at the Kharkov Emergency Clinic.
His artistic exploits started at the end of 2009.
In 2010, together with Sergei Lebedinsky and Vadim Trikoz, both, like himself, professionals with successful careers outside the art world, Krasnoschek founded a group called SHILO. The group’s debut on the art scene claimed immediate attention: the work of Krasnoschek and friends shown at the exposition “Two Outlooks on Ukrainian Photography” presented an antithesis to practically the whole output of the Ukranian Union of Photographers.
Since then Kransoschek has been a fairly regular participant in Ukrainian and international expositions, festivals
and biennials. His achievement in two years is quite impressive. He has won the prize at one festival, and had two respected museums add his work to their collections: the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, Texas and the Museum of Contemporary Art (PERMM) in Perm, Russia.
Like the other members of SHILO, Krasnoschek captures images on film and uses a special printing technique (lith print) which gives the prints a vintage look. But, of course, the merit his work is not in the technique. Kransoschek has an eye for perfect frames (he flaunts it by printing his shots with uncut borders) and has the gift of making familiar scenes and objects look new and fascinating. When Krasnoschek doesn’t make use of lith print, these essential qualities remain. The alchemy of experimentation with shutter speeds and developers is not meant to simply make a photo look older, but to make ordinary things reveal their magic and sacredness. The outside world as seen by Krasnoschek seems to have been caught unawares, the way it is when it is not looked at through human eyes. Maybe that world is not meant to be viewed at all… except, maybe, through the wandering eyes of stray dogs — creatures that seem to live in enviable harmony with their environment.
Vladislav Krasnoschek's set of photos "Hospital" has taken the II prize in the Art-series category in "Photografer of the Year 2012" in Ukraine. 

Group exhibitions:

Two sights on modern Ukrainian photography. Gayday Gallery. Kiev, Ukraine.
Conservations. Municipal Gallery. Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Kill photography. Ya Gallery. Kiev, Ukraine.
International Portfolio Review. Moscow, Russia.
First lesson. Chernigiv Fotofest 2011. Chernigiv, Ukraine.
SHILO and friends. Photographs from East. XXI East European Cinema Festival, Gallery Haus 23. Cottbus, Germany.
Kharkiv school of photography. Painting lessons. XI International Fotofest in Pingyao. Pingyao, China.
Sense. Gallery Coralli. Lviv, Ukraine.

Contemporary Russian Photography. The young generation 2007–2012. FOTOFEST 2012 BIENNIAL. Houston, USA.
Perm Phantasmagorias. International Festival of City Photography “Photograffity”, winner in the category Art-Photo. Perm, Russia.
Kharkiv School of Photography: Painting Lessons. Biennale ARSENALE. Kiev, Ukraine.
Exercise “Articulation”. III Biennale of the young art. Winzavod. Moscow, Russia.
“Where it's at”. Open Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
Limited Edition”. Open Gallery, Moscow


“The act of defiance”. The body of a protest in Kharkov photographs 1970-2010". The Lumiere brothers Center for Photography, Moscow


"I am a drop in the Ocean". Kunstlerhaus, Vien, Austria.

"Finished dissertation". Photoloft gallery, Moscow.


"Storing Negatives". Municipal Gallery. Kharkiv, Ukraine.

"Health Treatments" (together with S. Lebedinsky). Open Gallery, Moscow.

"Health Treatments - 2. Grushevskogo street" (together with S. Lebedinsky). Open Gallery, Moscow.



From the PSYCHODELIC WALK series. 2011