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Igor Makarevich


Makarevich is a well-known classic of Moscow conceptualism. One art critic has described him as someone who considers the field of culture as a terrain, which gives birth not to meanings but to myths. Unlike other genres, a myth does not have ‘borders’ – it is a live structure, which can both roll up or unfold in any direction. Personal mythology of Makarevich perfectly corresponds with these characteristics. His installations, objects and paintings unite the main subjects but every time we are facing a new turn of the ‘story’, where the soviet reality, imaginary characters, pages from a psychiatry study books, traditions of Dostoevsky and Gogol, macabre engravings by Durer and late portraits by Malevich are all mixed in an elaborate way. The cultural landscape changes its coordinates as if becoming a spiral, in which distanced things become the closest neighbors. However, Makarevich does not allow himself any straightforward borrowings: ‘past’ in his mythology is always revised. For example, Danish fairy-tales character ‘Pinochhio’ together with the human-shaped body received a dramatic biography and ability to stylistic mimicry, which allows to ‘penetrate’ into various artistic epochs. Of course his presence in the Empire setting, which makes a reference to paintings by Louis David, or in an image of ‘new people’ by Kazimir Malevich, corresponds a groundbreaking ambiguity to the twinkling quotation and makes us consider the eloquent intellectual play initiated by the artist.




Igor Makarevich  
1943 born in Trialety, Georgia (USSR)
1955–1962 Moscow Art School
1962–1968 Institute of Cinematography Moscow
2012 were awarded for "the Creative Contribution to the Development of the Contemporary Art"
Lives and works in Moscow

Principal exhibitions


1979 Vavilov street exhibition. Moscow; “Abramov, Chuikov, Makarevich”. Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris

1990 “Fish exhibition”. MANI museum, Lobnia–Moscow; “Freedom-Liberty”, Phillis Kind Gallery, New York

1992 “Within the Limits of the Sublime”. L-Gallery, Moscow

1993 “The Girl and Death” (with E Elagina). Central Army Club, Velta Gallery, Moscow; “Between Hope and Despair”. Velta Gallery, Moscow; “Fish exhibition and another installation”. Krings-Ernst Gallery, Cologne, Germany

“Living in the Snow” (with E. Elagina). Russian State Museum, St. Petersburg ; “The Story of a Writer” (with E. Elagina). Central Artist House, Moscow; “The Seagull”. Galerie Inge Herbert, Berlin

1995 ''Playing Croquet'' (with E. Elagina). Obscuri Viri Gallery, Moscow; ''Leben im Schnee, Reise auf einem schwimmenden Eisfeld'' (with E. Elagina). Krings-Ernst Gallery, Cologne, Germany; “How to Survive on a Summer Snow”, “Palto” Gallery, Moscow

1996 “Lignomania”. XL Gallery, Moscow; “Die Moewe”. Karin Hertin, Berlin

1997 “Partial Change”. Obscuri Viri Gallery, Moscow; “Homo Lignum”. XL Gallery, Moscow

1998 “Les Paradis Artificiels”. XL Gallery, Moscow; “Selections from the Diary of Nikolai Ivanovich Borisov”. Hand Print Workshop International, Alexandria, Virginia

1999 “The Secret life of the Trees”. XL Gallery, Moscow; “Homo-Lignum 99”. Spider and Mouse Gallery, Moscow

2000 “Shvedagon”. Center Dom, Moscow; “Borisov museum”. “CFE” edsvik, Sollentuna, Sweden; “Within the Limits of the Subleme”. NCCA, N. Novgorod; “Drawings of the Old Soviet Masters”. XL Gallery, Moscow; NOMAZH (new image of the museum of animal anatomy). Pathoanatomical museum of Veterinary Academy, St. Petersburg; “Three Gazes”. Sahalin Art Museum, Yuzshno-Sahalinsk

2001 “Zooantropomozens”. Central Artist House, Moscow; “The Prodigal Daughter” (with E. Elagina). Museum post-chaise Wira; Navicula Artis Gallery, St. Petersburg; “A la recherch du temps perdu”. Krings-Ernst Gallery, Cologne, Germany; “The Evidence of Harmony”. Yaroslavl Art Museum, Yaroslavl; “The Book of Radiance”. International Handprint Center, Alexandria, Virginia, USA

“Wreckers”. Central House of Artists, Moscow

“Homo-Lignum 03”. NCCA, Moscow

2005 “Within the Limits of the Subleme”. State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

2007 “Russian Idea”. Center Dom, Moscow; “Russian Idea”. XL Gallery, Moscow

2008 “Mushrooms of the Russian Avant-Garde”. A-Foundation, Rochelle school, London; M. Zaldman's Gallery, Berlin; “Russian Idea”. Swedbank Art Award, Kumu Museum, Tallinn, Estonia

“In Situ”. Kunsthistorisches Museum, Viena, Austria

2010 “Home of Erastovs”, personal exhibition of I.Makarevich. XL Gallery, Moscow



1980 “New trends in Russian unofficial art: 1970–1980”. The museum of Soviet unofficial art, N.Y.; Center for Contemporary Arts, Ville-du, France, 2nd International Triennale of Drawing, Vrozlav, Poland

1984 “Russian Art of Samizdat”. Center for Contemporary Arts, Los-Angeles, USA

1990 “Between Spring and Summer. Soviet Conceptual Art in the Era of Late Communism”. Tacoma Art museum, The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, USA; “To the Object”. Museum of Tsaritcyno Moscow; “To the Object”. Stedelijk museum, Amsterdam; “Exposition”. Museum of Tsaritcyno, Moscow; “Adaptation, negation of socialist realism”. The Aldrich museum of Contemporary Art, Connecticut. USA

1991 “Another Art”. State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow; “Mani Museum”. Karmeliterkloster, Frankfurt-am-Main “Soviet contemporary Art from Thaw to Perestroika”. Setagava Art museum, Japan; “Contemporary Russian Artists”. Santyago-di-Compostela, Spain

1992 “Ex USSR”. Groninger Museum, Groningen, the Netherlands; “Perspectives of Conceptualism”. North Carolina Museum, USA; “A Mosca… A Mosca…”. Villa Campolieto, Herculanum, Galleria Communale d’Arte Moderna, Bologna, Italy

1993 “Paeckchen fur Deutchland”, Central Artists House, Moscow,-Tranen Palast, Berlin; “Provisional adress”. The Post museum of Paris; “Monuments: Transformation for Future”. CHA, Moscow; “National traditions and a postmodern”. State Tretiakow Gallery, Moscow; “From Malevich to Kabakov”. Russian Avant-guard of XXth century, from Ludwig's museum, Cologne, Germany

1994 ”Fluchtpunkt Moskau”. Ludwig Forum fuer internationale Kunst, Aachen, Germany

1995 “Nonconformists in Russia 1957–1995”. A museum Wilhelm Hak Ljudvigshafen on Rhine; the Document-hall, Kassel; a museum of Lindenau, Altenburg, Germany; “The Damaged Utopia”. Kunstferrein, Munich, Germany; “Zeichungen der Moskauer Szene”. Hohenthal&Littler Gallery, Munich,
Germany; “Kraftemessen – instant Archeology”. Art Academy, Berlin; “Flug–Entfernung–Verschwinden”. Galerie Hlavniho Mesta Prague; Haus am Waldsee, Berlin State Gallery, State Gallery of Sophienhof, Kiel, Germany

1996 “From Gulag to Glasnost”. Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers; ”Zone”. State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow; “Contemporary Russian Art”, Mucsarnok, Budapest

1997 “The world of sensual things”. Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow

1998 “Body and the East”. Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana; “The World of These Eyes 2”. Chuvash State Art Museum, Cheboksary

1999 “Artist's Book”. Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow

2000 “Le Pole du froid” Ecole nationale superieure des beaur-arts, Paris; “The View from here”. International Handprint Workshop, Alexandria, Virginia, USA; State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow; “Art against Geography”. State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg.

2001 “Misterious Relative”. Fersman Museum of Mineralogy, Moscow

2003 “New Beginning. Contemporary Art from Moscow”. Kunsthalle. Duesseldorf, Germany; “Berlin – Moscow”. Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin; “The Moscow conceptualism”. Kupferstichkabinett Staatliche Museen zu Berlin; “The illustrated Constitution of the Russian Federation”. Moscow Museum of Contemporary Arts

2004 “Esotericum”. The Moscow Modern Art Museum; “Moskau – Berlin”. Historical Museum, Moscow; Warsaw – Moscow

1900–2000 Zacheta National Gallery of Art; State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow; “Beyond Memory”. Soviet Nonconformist Photography and Photo-Related, Works of Art exhibition from the Norton Dodge Collection, Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers, State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick

2005 1-st Moscow biennale of contemporary art/section “Accomplice”. State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow; “Moscow – Warsaw 1900–2000”, State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow International biennale of contemporary art in Prague; “Russian Pop Art”. New Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow; “Essence of life – Essense of art”. The state Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow; Ludwig museum, Budapest; The Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana; The State Russian museum, St. Petersburg; “Collage in Russian”. The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg

“The Origin of Species” Art in the Age of Social Darwinism. The Museum of Modern Art of Toyama, the Museum of Modern Art of Hiroshima, Japan; “Erase una vez Chernobil”. Centro de Cultura Contemporanea de Barcelona, Spain; “Russia!”. R. Solomon Guggenheim Museum, NY. Bilbao

“Architecture. Ad Marginem”. State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg; “The Adventures оf the Black Square”. State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg; “The Word and the Image”. NCCA, Moscow; “Learning from Moscow”. The State Stadtischen Gallery, Dresden

2008 Selections from the Kolodzei Art Foundation Collection of Russian and Eastern European Art. Chelsea Art Museum, New York; “Total Enlightenment. Conceptual Art in Moscow 1960–1990”. Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt; Juan March Foundation, Madrid; “Russian Poor”. Gelman's fund, Perm, Russia; “This obscure object of art”/Contemporary Russian art 1975–2007”. Museum of history of arts, Vienna, Austria; “ARTindex”. The Latvian National Museum of Art; “Performing The Arhive”/ Collective Actions in the 1970s and 1980s. Zimmerli Art Museum; “Russian ART Paradoxes of History”. National Academy of Art, Sofia, Bulgaria

2009 “Another Mythology”. NCCA, Moscow; “Russian Papers”. Blue Square Gallery, Paris; “The Secret Life of Bodies”. Open Gallery, Moscow; “Identity Crisis”, Open Gallery, Moscow; “Temptation”, Open Gallery, Moscow

2010Male Principle”. Open Gallery, Moscow; “Memories and Dreams”. Open Gallery, Moscow; “Counterpoint, Contemporary Russian Art”. Louvre, France

2011 "Looking for a Masterpiece". Open Gallery, Moscow; “Empty Zones. Andrei Monastyrski and Collective Actions”. La 54 Biennale di Venezia, Padiglione Russo, Venice

2012I've Been Here!”, Open Gallery, Moscow
Limited Edition”. Open Gallery, Moscow


Public collections

State Tretiakow Gallery, Moscow
Collection of contemporary art of the State-Reserve Tsaritsyno, Moscow
MANI Museum, Moscow
State Russian Museum St-Petersburg,
National Museum d’Art Moderne, Paris
Berliner Gallery, Berlin
Kringst-Ernst Gallery, Cologne, Germany
“Incombank”, Moscow
Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany
Zimmerli Art Museum, Ratgers, USA

From the “Portrait of Pinoccio” series. 2002 – 2006. Oil on canvas, 100 × 75

From the “Portrait of Pinoccio” series. 2002 – 2006. Oil on canvas, 100 × 75

From the “Portrait of Pinoccio” series. 2002 – 2006. Oil on canvas. 80 × 60

From the “Portrait of Pinoccio” series. 2002 – 2006. Oil on canvas. 80 × 60

From the “Tarot Cards” series. 1995. Watercolor.

From the “Tarot Cards” series. 1995. Watercolor.

From the “Homo Lignum” series. 1996 – 2000. Mixed Media. 60 × 50

From the “Homo Lignum” series. 1996 – 2000. Mixed Media. 60 × 50

From the “Insects” series. 2009

From the “Insects” series. 2009