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Vladimir Smolyar


In his works Smolyar explores culture, effortlessly combining in one work a huge body of texts, representations and images (from the Summa Theologica to the Pulp Fiction). He glances at the ‘cultural field’, noting the similarities and consonances as he goes. In his video work ‘Bach’s Midday Rest’, for example, the camera slowly focuses on the image, grasping parts of it in such a way that it reminds both works by Roy Lichtenstein and a renaissance angel until it eventually turns into a genre scene photographed in 1923.
His other project ‘Treatise’ is a rather witty sequence of presumptions. It is an endless equation, in which a, b and c are replaced with the names of writers, artists and philosophers who lived in different epochs.
The entire cultural legacy that the artist ‘works’ with exists in the memory of humanity (both communal and individual), which inevitably leads to the transformation of the original. Smolyar’s project PERPETUUM is devoted to that topic. He montages well-known films in a new order, sometimes changing the sequence and sometimes the soundtrack. The viewer can juxtapose the fragments with the originals. However, it is unlikely that the comparison will seem necessary to anyone – the mismatches with reality do not contradict memories.
Smolyar often uses works by contemporary composers such as Zagniy, Batagov and Martynov, in his video installations. It was Zagniy who participated in the opening ceremony at the Kandinsky Prize, where he played ‘Even-tempered Clavier’ on the piano from the installation ‘The Art of Fuga’.

Born in 1968 in Bolton, UK.

Graduated from MFTI (1992) and AFE MBA (2007)

Selected exhibitions


2004 "There's no America". Zverev centre ofcontemporary Art, Moscow.

2005 "Initiation". Art Strelka, Liza Plavinsky Gallery, Moscow.

2009  "Systematization of water at the edge of the earth". Zverev centre of contemporary Art, Moscow.

2013 "PERPETUUM". Open Gallery, Moscow. 


2010. "Arts Sanatorium". State Tratiakov Gallery, Moscow.

2011. "Visual scores". NCCA, Moscow. "To see the sound". NCCA, Moscow. "A close look changes the objects". Open Gallery, Moscow.  "Paper time". NCCA, Moscow. "Looking for a masterpiece". Open Gallery, Moscow. 

2014. "Lucida Space". NCCA, Moscow. "What we hear, when we look". MANIFESTA'10 Parallel program, First Military School, Saint Petersburg.







PERPETUUM. Video. 2013.

PERPETUUM. Video. 2013.

Afternoon of Bach. Video. 2010.

Afternoon of Bach. Video. 2010.