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The art group SHILO. Health Treatments

13/11 - 8/12/2013

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The project consists of two series of photographs: “Hospital” by Vladislav Krasnoshchek (2nd place at the national photography contest in Ukraine “Photographer of the Year” 2012) and “Arabat” by Sergey Lebedinsky.

The art group “Shilo” was founded three years ago in Kharkov and has quickly become well-known in the city where there are more photographers than in any European capital. They are famous for their provocative behaviour, prizes at numerous photography contests and large exhibition activity.

As many other Kharkov photographers, “Shilo” proclaim their total disregard for the “quality of the image” (that is why their belonging to this school can be immediately recognized). It is a method, which plays the same role in photography as the shaky camera “Dogma” used to play in film making. However, one should not deceive oneself as in fact “Shilo” is the most arty group one can only imagine today. All its members use exclusively film cameras, out-of-date gelatin paper and a complex technique of printing based on alchemical experiments with light and developing chemicals. However, the most important thing that distinguishes their practice is an ideal sense of the frame and their skill to transfer a documental photograph into a different register. The everyday life in their shots is as if transmitted through the sieve of memory which neglects the unimportant details, denounces chronology and has a tendency to transform the present reality in the flow of personal feelings, that is to say to poeticize it, to generalize it or, what is very characteristic of “Shilo”, to turn it into grotesque if not an anecdote.

For the participants of the art group photography is not the first and only occupation. Krasnoshchek works as a surgeon at the Kharkov ambulance hospital, so one can argue that he was making his series knowing his subject matter from the inside. In the artist”s own words: “…This is a story from the view point of a doctor who uses his cynical, ironic and impartial view from the inside and applies it to his surrounding environment. There are no speculations, tears and pity. This whole story is based on the feeling of love towards doctors and their hard job”.

Sergey Lebedinsky, who currently lives in Germany and has made a romantic (if not to say cinematic) series “Berlin”, took photographs of a thermal spring in Crimea as a human being that has arrived from a different planet. He as if looks into a binocular turned upside down and sees at a distance in front of him the panoramic scenes of some large scale action which takes place in the natural setting of the savage primitive nature. The action is made by owners of the no less untended (not touched by “culture”), Rabelais’s type of bodies. At the same time one can clearly distinguish that Lebedinsky is not a follower of Mikhailov’s aesthetic of deformed: he films the “aborigines” with sympathy yet detachment as an ethnographer, as a contemporary James Cook, who finds a certain style in these archaic forms.

Besides the photographs, other tools will be used in the project in order to affect the senses of the visitors, which will allow them to find themselves closer to the reality that inspired the artists.